The history of MIRA

A little, big dream ...

Mira was born from the minds but above all from the hearts of three boys with a passion so boundless for their homeland that they dream of offering it and transporting it beyond the limits of her territory.

And so, even for the most incredulous, the idea of ​​immediately revealing this feeling of ours blossoms to the eyes, to show you the uniqueness and beauty of our world seen from within.

The Maremma beyond her story ...

As a tribute to the origins, the name of the model "Maremma", the names of the colors Nera (like the swamp it was), Amara (the most recurrent of the epithets) are born, Striated (like the mantle of the widespread wild boar) and the square shape inspired by the geometry of the cultivated fields, vineyards and battlements of the castle of Capalbio, the beating heart of the project.

Last but not least, the common desire to create unique and authentic products made by expert hands and with exclusively Italian materials, thus winning the 100% Made In Italy brand.

But the journey has just begun ...