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Later on MIRA SAS will be mentioned, for simplicity, as MIRA, and this is also valid for any reference such as our site, our online shop, and each page belonging to the site.

Our online shop is subject to its own terms and conditions. For the web pages on, MIRA EYEWEAR, MIRA OCCHIALI and other denominations are covered by the copyright law and the exploitation rights of these belong to their creators.

The product models presented show the configurations for the market that makes purchases through our website. They also include special and / or optional equipment that is not part of the standard configuration and is only available at a surcharge. In some countries, not all models and configurations are available due to different national laws and regulations. Find out about compliance with local regulations at the legal offices in your area. The characteristics, configurations and accessories of the chosen model will be those indicated at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Manufacturing changes, configurations, accessories, prices, delivery and shipping conditions and colors illustrated can be made at any time without prior notice.

It is advisable to use original MIRA spare parts. For these you can directly contact the email provided in the contacts, the contact form, the dealer authorized by MIRA closest to you, the repairer expressly recommended and authorized by MIRA who will also be able to provide you with advice and information.

MIRA SAS assumes no responsibility for the use of non-original or non-specifically approved parts or accessories and is deemed unrelated to any direct or indirect damage that may result from such use to the eyewear or accessory and its components.

Even in the case of homologation of non-original accessories or components available from accessories and spare parts suppliers, these could still compromise the safety and functionality of the product. The variety of products offered on the accessory market prevents MIRA from checking these components.

Warning: the use of non-original or non-specifically approved parts and spare parts can void the product warranty.

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